My year in list…..

January 1st, 2011

So it’s now 2011, more about that later lets gets back to 2010 and the most memorable moments and things I achieved:

(In list form as it’s easier!)

* Went on a stage make up course, something I’ve always wanted to do. It was great fun, I made some good friends there (everyone was lovely) and I surprised myself by being bloody good at it (‘scuse the pun!)

* I sold my first handmade items on Folksy & went on to sell quite a few pairs of earrings I’d made through various pictures I’d put online.

* I had my first ever stall at a Craft Fair. It was a brilliant day and my goodies sold pretty well :o)

* I started volunteering at the after school club at one of my local primary schools. I love doing this SO much and really wish I could do this all day every day (but get paid!)

* I bottle fed lambs at a farm in Cornwall! I was so excited to do this as again this is something I’ve always wanted to do (yes I’m a bit odd & I’m a sucker when it comes to cute baby animals)

* I roller-skated for the first time in about 15 years (or probably more), it is much scarier than it used to be :oS I haven’t got round to practising any more as my back has been a bit too painful and we’ve been really busy.

* I went in a plane which Chris (my boyfriend) was flying! This was a totally amazing experience. I bought him a flying lesson for his birthday, think I’m safe in saying this was the BEST PRESENT EVER!! I’ll have trouble beating it this year!

* We did get to a few gigs in 2010, namely Ash & Biffy Clyro both in the same week, both mind blowingly awesome :oD

* In Sept/Oct we went to our favourite place – Perranporth in Cornwall, was quite the little adventure, we got the train there and back and bussed our way round most of the time when there! We saw a seal in the sea at St Ives. Dave and Clare came with us, was Clare’s first visit to Perranporth but I think she fell in love with the place too (especially The Watering Hole)..

* Lastly I turned 30 (or what I call 29 + 1 ) – the planned night of celebrations had to be called off cos of the snow and ice :o( I was asked by a friend “but do you feel old though?” My answer “NO!” and I’ll stick by what I said on my birthday, I may be 30 but I refuse to ever grow up!!

So here’s to lots of fun, happiness and good times in 2011….


Productive Day!

November 15th, 2010

So in preparation for my first ever craft fair (see post below for poster/details) I have spent the day making lots of lovely things which hopefully people coming to the fair will think our lovely too and will be willing to part with their well earned cash!

Craft Fair!

November 7th, 2010

I am still here, not that anyone reads this anymore! Hopefully that will change soon as am getting a new look website soon and will also getting my name and website out and about with some lovely new business cards!

I have just booked and paid for my first ever stall at a craft fai (see below)

Have been making some earrings the past few weeks and they seem to be a hit and selling well, so hopefully they’ll go down well at the fair.  Come along and say hi! :o)

Will update this blog more often once it’s undergone the makeover..

Checking In!

September 6th, 2008

Hello world,

I am still alive, just been too busy lately to have any time to be making things so haven’t had anything to post!  I have however been taking lot’s of photo’s though on our various adventures and days out so haven’t been totally non creative.

I’ve started to knit a baby blanket for my friends baby who is due in November, better get working on that or it won’t be finished on time.

Hopefully after next weekend we should have some time to ourselves, time to relax and time to start making things again (we are already planning a trip to Hobbycraft) so keep on checking back and normal (well more normal) service will be resumed as soon as possible :)

Sew – Sew

January 14th, 2008

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, mainly because I haven’t made anything new (well I made an arm warmer but will post them once I’ve made the second one!)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas & New Year, I definitely did, it was busy but lovely. My main Christmas present from Chris was a sewing machine :grin: and a bag of extras to go with it (see pics below.) I did my first bit of “proper” sewing on it today, I made a cushion cover (which will be a pair tomorrow) I got the fabric from Ikea and some other bright patterned fabric that took my fancy which I thought I could make a bag with :) I’ll keep posting my progress!


December 9th, 2007

After opening all my lovely birthday cards and presents yesterday we went out and bought our very first Christmas tree, and lights etc and then set to work putting it all up.

We thought that the pack of decorations we bought would have hooks/loops on the baubles already but how wrong were we, so I had to sit there and thread cotton through the top of each one to make hanging loops before we could start to decorate the tree!

Anyway we think it looks ace, here it is:


November 13th, 2007

…. to my brand spanking new website :) All the old blogger posts have been transferred over.

Hope you like it!


November 7th, 2007

I’m back online! Our broadband got connected today so I can start blogging again and try and catch up on everything I’ve missed over the past few weeks.

So I’m now down in Essex, the move went well and we’re almost sorted and kitted out :) I’ve been knitting quite a lot (will post some pics at the weekend) and I’ve joined the local Stitch N’ Bitch group which is cool, a great way to make some new friends (everyone there is lovely).

Also having the internet back means I can buy supplies and books online again now :) yay!


August 26th, 2007

So… As you can see (above) I just finished my first knitted item that wasn’t a square or rectangle! Woohoo! (please excuse the model, I didn’t have a real person to hand in the size needed so used the nearest thing :p)
I will probably give the little hat to my my cousin Toby and I’m now making a little scarf to match. Also I’m going to buy the “correct” wool needed and make Chris a hat too (without the turn up bit at the bottom!).

I’m feeling quite proud of my handywork!

Lack of blogging..

July 28th, 2007

So.. I haven’t blogged for AGES, and thats because I haven’t got round to starting (or finishing off) any of the things I said I was going to make! It’s just been too busy lately (plus I’m VERY lazy). But now I’m all set to try and get back on track as I was inspired by the many hand crafted goods in little shops we looked around in during our visit to Finland, all kinds of knitted/felted things, jewellery, household stuff etc etc..

I’ve decided to have a go at felting (or fulling as it’s supposedly actually called), so at the minute I’m just knitting up a square (or rectangle) to give it a go and see how the wool looks when felted and how much shrinkage occurs, then I will move on to make some proper items (I have a few ideas under my hat).

So hopefully there should be more regular posting coming from me! (not that anyone reads this anyway :p)