Tea :)

March 8th, 2008

We went in to town today not realising how cold it was!! By the time we’d reached the seafront we were almost being blown away. However our trip was successful as I got a “tea for one” teapot and cup thing :smile: I’ve wanted one for ages and often lusted after the ones in Whittards but thought they were a bit too pricey and couldn’t really justify paying £20 plus on a teapot (a teapot for one person at that) or the cheaper ones I’ve seen around I haven’t liked enough. But today I spied a good one in Woolworths, and also spied it was half price so I grabbed it and took it to the till only for it to scan in even cheaper, yay result! So I got me a nice tea for one set for the grand total of £3. And using it helped me warm up nicely!