Sock it to me..

May 18th, 2008

I’ve still been (slowly) working on my first sock, I’m actually really pleased with how it’s coming along and how it’s looking.  Having not been able to make it along to my usual Stitch N’ Bitch group for the past couple of months I’d just left the sock sitting there as I was too scared to move on the next step (the gusset & gusset shaping) on my own, without any help and guidance.

However a couple of weeks ago I came over all brave, took the plunge picked the sock up and had a go.  I have now successfully (I think!) completed the gusset and gusset shaping and am now onto the foot so should be finishing my first sock very soon :) (then onto the next one to make a pair!)

I’m still thinking it would have been wiser for me to make a pair of baby socks first, at least they’d be finished by now!

Bamboo Washcloth

April 21st, 2008

I fancied having a go at using bamboo yarn and decided a washcloth would be a good first project as it’s easy, small, quick and useful!

I used garter stitch as a border round the whole thing then moss stitch for the rest of it and I even crocheted (yes you heard (or should that be read) right) a little loop to hang it up! Though it seems I can crochet chains only, which is ok if all I want to make is loops.. or chains.. :p  The yarn used was Sirdar Just Bamboo in a nice shade of pink on 5.5mm needles.

Introducing Bernard..

April 15th, 2008

I made him for Chris yesterday afternoon (I’m off work ill with a throat infection at the mo). I totally made him up as I went along and I think he turned out well and Chris seemed to like him :D

Here he is….