My year in list…..

January 1st, 2011

So it’s now 2011, more about that later lets gets back to 2010 and the most memorable moments and things I achieved:

(In list form as it’s easier!)

* Went on a stage make up course, something I’ve always wanted to do. It was great fun, I made some good friends there (everyone was lovely) and I surprised myself by being bloody good at it (‘scuse the pun!)

* I sold my first handmade items on Folksy & went on to sell quite a few pairs of earrings I’d made through various pictures I’d put online.

* I had my first ever stall at a Craft Fair. It was a brilliant day and my goodies sold pretty well :o)

* I started volunteering at the after school club at one of my local primary schools. I love doing this SO much and really wish I could do this all day every day (but get paid!)

* I bottle fed lambs at a farm in Cornwall! I was so excited to do this as again this is something I’ve always wanted to do (yes I’m a bit odd & I’m a sucker when it comes to cute baby animals)

* I roller-skated for the first time in about 15 years (or probably more), it is much scarier than it used to be :oS I haven’t got round to practising any more as my back has been a bit too painful and we’ve been really busy.

* I went in a plane which Chris (my boyfriend) was flying! This was a totally amazing experience. I bought him a flying lesson for his birthday, think I’m safe in saying this was the BEST PRESENT EVER!! I’ll have trouble beating it this year!

* We did get to a few gigs in 2010, namely Ash & Biffy Clyro both in the same week, both mind blowingly awesome :oD

* In Sept/Oct we went to our favourite place – Perranporth in Cornwall, was quite the little adventure, we got the train there and back and bussed our way round most of the time when there! We saw a seal in the sea at St Ives. Dave and Clare came with us, was Clare’s first visit to Perranporth but I think she fell in love with the place too (especially The Watering Hole)..

* Lastly I turned 30 (or what I call 29 + 1 ) – the planned night of celebrations had to be called off cos of the snow and ice :o( I was asked by a friend “but do you feel old though?” My answer “NO!” and I’ll stick by what I said on my birthday, I may be 30 but I refuse to ever grow up!!

So here’s to lots of fun, happiness and good times in 2011….