We had a lovely bank holiday weekend in Leicester, spent the weekend eating and drinking (LOTS), spending time with my family and on Saturday we went to the National Space Centre.  The Space Centre was fun, the globe shaped cinema in there is amazing!  We watched a short film about the life of an astronaut, the seats are tilted back as you have to look in front you, above you, either side of you and behind you.  The actual film felt so 3D and you feel like you’re being sucked in at times, it wasn’t shocking to hear that some people start to feel ill in there and have to be taken out of the cinema!  Luckily it didn’t affect me in that way (tho there was one point where it span round and round, I did have to shut my eyes for a minute!) though I wouldn’t like to go and watch a film in there after a night on the cocktails!  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photo’s inside the cinema, but the rest of the photo’s from the day are on my flickr.

We had a nice (suprisingly) problem free journey home, the trains weren’t very busy and even though Liverpool Street was shut we managed to fluke stepping straight off a tube and on to the train home (and I mean literally stepping off one and on to another).

And to round off the lovely weekend I came home to find that the labels I’d ordered for my knitting/sewing/making/creating had arrived :D  I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out as you couldn’t see a preview on the website so I wasn’t really expecting them to be that good (especially as they were bargainous!) but I’m very pleased with them, see for yourselves..

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