Lack of blogging..

So.. I haven’t blogged for AGES, and thats because I haven’t got round to starting (or finishing off) any of the things I said I was going to make! It’s just been too busy lately (plus I’m VERY lazy). But now I’m all set to try and get back on track as I was inspired by the many hand crafted goods in little shops we looked around in during our visit to Finland, all kinds of knitted/felted things, jewellery, household stuff etc etc..

I’ve decided to have a go at felting (or fulling as it’s supposedly actually called), so at the minute I’m just knitting up a square (or rectangle) to give it a go and see how the wool looks when felted and how much shrinkage occurs, then I will move on to make some proper items (I have a few ideas under my hat).

So hopefully there should be more regular posting coming from me! (not that anyone reads this anyway :p)

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