Bamboo Washcloth

April 21st, 2008

I fancied having a go at using bamboo yarn and decided a washcloth would be a good first project as it’s easy, small, quick and useful!

I used garter stitch as a border round the whole thing then moss stitch for the rest of it and I even crocheted (yes you heard (or should that be read) right) a little loop to hang it up! Though it seems I can crochet chains only, which is ok if all I want to make is loops.. or chains.. :p  The yarn used was Sirdar Just Bamboo in a nice shade of pink on 5.5mm needles.

Introducing Bernard..

April 15th, 2008

I made him for Chris yesterday afternoon (I’m off work ill with a throat infection at the mo). I totally made him up as I went along and I think he turned out well and Chris seemed to like him :D

Here he is….

Sirdar Blur

March 30th, 2008

Ages ago I bought 5 balls of Sirdar Blur in a lovely kinda inky purple colour (they say Indigo), they were bought after seeing a pattern in a knitting mag for a lovely jumper. I’ve never got round to starting the jumper so I thought rather than the yarn just sitting there I’d try and make something, but what? Then I read on someones blog that on Ravelry you can type in a type of yarn and it will find all the patterns and projects related to it – genius! So I had a search and found a lovely looking scarf (Invisible Stripe Scarf), checked out the pattern thinking it would be difficult and y’know what it’s SO easy :D So I cast on for that this afternoon and it’s coming along nicely.

Our trip to Hobbycraft last week was very successful, I bought lots including cheap yarn to play about with, crochet hooks, a thing to put press-studs on to fabric (better than having to sew them on as this makes it stronger), Hama beads inc glow in the dark ones, some cool Sculpey that turns into an eraser when you bake it and some aida and embroidery thread. I set to work with the aida and thread straight away to create some cool geeky cross stitch of computer games characters, they turned out really well (I’ve only posted the pic of the Robot from Bubble Bobble tho).

My weekend in pics Part 2

March 16th, 2008

So last night we went to La Tasca for Chris’ birthday. The meal was lovely and I shocked myself and Chris (I don’t know which of us was more shocked) by eating squid, mussels and cucumber (I had a bad incident with cucumber many years ago and have never touched the stuff since), the wine must’ve made me feel brave! Here are some pics from our meal:

Today we’ve had a lazy(ish) day, we’ve stayed in (as it’s been so wet and windy outside) and made a Sunday roast. Chris has been working on a new design for my site, we did have one sorted ages ago but have decided to change it again now (so new look coming soon!) This afternoon we’ve been playing around being crafty with Hama beads and Fimo, my first go at Fimo so I didn’t really know what to expect. It was fun tho and the results were good (see below, and see Chris’ blog for his crafty makings). Our day has been accompanied by the soundtrack of the daffodils I bought yesterday starting to pop open from their buds, yes! you can actually hear them!

My weekend (so far) in pics..

March 15th, 2008

Thought I’d do a lazy post that consists mainly of photo’s. The photo’s are exactly what it says in the title my weekend so far in pics, starting with me making something (ok not anything craft-y but I still made it) – chili & garlic lasagne crisps, they turned out really well and tasted good. Dave & Clare then came round for Wii, pizza and drinkies (no photo’s of the Wii playing unfortunately) which was fun :)

Today we went shopping and Chris bought me some shoes for Easter, they are lovely, even the lining is pretty! And I bought some daffodils. We’re off out for a meal later at La Tasca for Chris’ b’day. Maybe more pics to follow tomorrow.

Tea :)

March 8th, 2008

We went in to town today not realising how cold it was!! By the time we’d reached the seafront we were almost being blown away. However our trip was successful as I got a “tea for one” teapot and cup thing :smile: I’ve wanted one for ages and often lusted after the ones in Whittards but thought they were a bit too pricey and couldn’t really justify paying £20 plus on a teapot (a teapot for one person at that) or the cheaper ones I’ve seen around I haven’t liked enough. But today I spied a good one in Woolworths, and also spied it was half price so I grabbed it and took it to the till only for it to scan in even cheaper, yay result! So I got me a nice tea for one set for the grand total of £3. And using it helped me warm up nicely!

On a roll..

February 10th, 2008

I seem to have been making things for the past few days and not just making them but actually finishing them which is an achievement for me.  On Friday I made a hat which was going to be for myself as it looked so lovely in the magazine (and once I made it too) but it just doesn’t suit me, which is quite odd as most hats do! Oh well.. it was a nice quick and easy project to do :) (the hat not suiting me is the reason why the armchair is modelling it! hehe)

Today I made another cushion cover to match the one I made just after Christmas and also a cuff/bracelet thing.  Oh and me and Chris also made a computer desk which took ages and involved quite a bit of cursing and sighing.  After all this hard work I’ve been sitting down looking through websites that make labels (that i can sew onto handmade stuff), seem to have a found a really good one but am having great difficulty in trying to decide what colour scheme to have them made in!

Socks & Books

February 7th, 2008

Well not exactly as it says in the title as there’s still only one sock! I did some more work on my first sock yesterday at the Stitch N’ Bitch group I go to, I was up to the point where I was to start the heel flap and was very lost (as I’m not a very experienced knitter…. yet!) but Ann (our resident sock expert) helped me out and pointed me in the right direction, now it’s going fine (tho the sock in general could be neater in parts, but looking pretty good for a first go I think) and looks like it will continue until I get to the gusset when it’ll be time to call on the lovely Ann again :)

Today in my lunch break I decided to treat myself to a couple of craft-y books, so I bought one on how to make your own clothes and another one which has all sorts of various craft items/idea’s/patterns in it. The range of knitting books wasn’t very inspiring so I didn’t buy any of those. I was naughty tho and ordered a couple more books when I got home from work as Waterstones didn’t have the book I’d had my eye on on Amazon the night before. I’ll post pics of these once they arrive.

And so I’ll leave you with a picture of the sock so far and the 2 books I got.

Sew – Sew

January 14th, 2008

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, mainly because I haven’t made anything new (well I made an arm warmer but will post them once I’ve made the second one!)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas & New Year, I definitely did, it was busy but lovely. My main Christmas present from Chris was a sewing machine :grin: and a bag of extras to go with it (see pics below.) I did my first bit of “proper” sewing on it today, I made a cushion cover (which will be a pair tomorrow) I got the fabric from Ikea and some other bright patterned fabric that took my fancy which I thought I could make a bag with :) I’ll keep posting my progress!


December 9th, 2007

After opening all my lovely birthday cards and presents yesterday we went out and bought our very first Christmas tree, and lights etc and then set to work putting it all up.

We thought that the pack of decorations we bought would have hooks/loops on the baubles already but how wrong were we, so I had to sit there and thread cotton through the top of each one to make hanging loops before we could start to decorate the tree!

Anyway we think it looks ace, here it is: